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Friday, 24 July 2015

10 Things I've Learned From A 12 Week Old Sheepdog...

  1. When she bites you now, it really hurts. Little sharp teeth at the back of the ankles and biting your fingers really does make you scream out loud!
  2. She will eat everything and anything. Eyes in the back of your head are needed now. Feathers, slugs, pine cones, stones, wood are some of her favourite things. Not to mention the other day when I thought I was pulling a stick out her mouth which happened to be cat poo!! All thing's that are bad for her. So I can't take my eyes off her at all. Hard work!! as hard as having a baby!?!
  3. She loves to walk. Not far but try getting out the house on the school run without her! is a big no-no! She wines like mad.
  4. She now knows lots of things like her name. Sit. Walkies. Find your lead. Drop that Mollie. Play ball Mollie. Paw. Another paw. Outside.
  5. She gets very board easy. She has a thirst to learn and wants to learn.
  6. She can easily get upstairs but still scared of going downstairs. She is great at going down steps though as they are wider. 
  7. She loves a 5-minute mad time. Where she crazily runs around the garden biting anything in sight.
  8. Found her own tail and chases it around.
  9. Makes the most awful stink bombs without even knowing!!
  10. Can hear you pick her food bowl up for dinner time when she is right down at the bottom of the garden.



  1. Lovely puppies, i have two golden retriever, greeting from Belgium

    http://louisette.eklablog.com/ "Mons ma ville en Belgique"

  2. This is a great post and great idea to recap where you're at with your puppy! We'll have to keep this in mind for Rae, we pick her up on Saturday morning!

    1. Oh wow so lovely.

      Exciting times ahead :)


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