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Saturday, 4 July 2015

9 Things At 9 Weeks Old : Mollie The Collie Has...

9 Things At 9 Weeks Old: Mollie The Collie Has...
  1. Found her forever home.
  2. Learn to go outside to do her business when someone is around to open the door.
  3. Made everyone love me even people who have never met me. Just by cute pictures.
  4. Managed to get my new sister to share her teddies.
  5. Sit.
  6. Give my paw to people when asked.
  7. Give lots of love out when someone comes home who has been out for a while.
  8. Find my inner gremlin side and have a few bitch fits a day where I go wild snapping at people.
  9. Leave lots of unwanted presents on the garden, like at least 10 a day.



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