Mollie's 2nd Injections.

Mollie's 2nd Injections

Mollie had her second injections yesterday.

I was not looking forward to taking her as she was so poorly after her first ones.

She was ok though.

I think she was more bothered about the microchip as it hurt her back.

I missed out her dinner last night, just to be sure she would not be sick.

I knew she was not bothered about eating as the last few days she lets me know when she is hungry.

We could not find her at one point.

Where could she be?

Then we found her.

One the shelve!!

Today Mollie is feeling great.

A nice big breakfast which she ate all of it.

A little walk out on the street.

Then a mad 20 minutes in the garden.

She is now resting.

A chance for me to catch up on some jobs!!

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