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Ten things Mollie Learned From Puppy Injections: Ten Things Thursday

Ten things Mollie Learned From Puppy Injections: 

Ten Things Thursday.

Aww, bless her.

Mollie has had her first injections and it is not nice!!

Ten things Mollie Learned From Puppy Injections: Ten Things Thursday

Ten things Mollie Learned From Puppy Injections:

1.) They Are Not Nice Thing's But Need To Be Done:

They are not nice but need to be done. 

Or so I am told!

2.) Sometimes You Have To Do Things You Do Not Like To Make You Stronger:

Not sure if I trust that man at the vets again! 

Look what he has done to me!

Made me all poorly and sleepy.

I did not like having my injections but I hear it will make me a stronger dog for it.

3.) Learn To Trust Again:

Mum says I have to trust that man and go again soon to see him.

Not sure if I can though.

Maybe give him one more chance before I eat his shoelaces!?

4.) Be Brave:

I was very good and did not make a move but they still made me so ill.

I have to be brave and go back again.

5.) Wish I had Not Had My Dinner:

Wish I had not begged mum for dinner after the injections when I got home.

The injections made me very hot.

But I was also really hungry.

I carried on eating my food but it made me feel worse.

The injections and food made me sick everywhere.

Ten things Mollie Learned From Puppy Injections

6.) Find A Nice Place To Hide Away:

I had to find somewhere nice and cool to hide.

I did not know where to hide.

Under the curtain of the shoe rack was lovely and cool.

Yep, this is now my favourite hiding place now.

It took my Mum a while to find me.

She was starting to worry about where I was.

Then she fell to the floor and started talking in baby language about how cute I was and how she felt sorry for me!

7.) Rest And Recover:

Took me days to recover and get my strength back.

Not sure I can go through this again.

I have toys to play with I do not want to have another week like this, do I?

8.) Humans Can Be So Irritating When You Are Poorly:

Yeap that is right.

I know my mum means well and just wants to play with me but I am ill and just want to hide away for a few days until I am ready. 

Then she better have that ball ready and waiting for me to play when I feel better.

9.) No Cuddles:

Love cuddles but at the minute I am just not interested!

10.) Get Over It:

I have to have another on Wednesday but then ok for another year. 

Maybe this one will be better!?!
Me: Aww bless her, she is so lovely and I really felt for her.

Ten things Mollie Learned From Puppy Injections:

Ten Things Thursday ...

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  1. Oh bless her. I had to take my gorgeous yellow lab for hers and they put her chip in as well at her last ones. She cried and I felt horrible but thankfully she didn't get any of the illness that you did x #WeekendBlogHop

    1. Thanks Hannah, aww bless. Mollie had her chip in yesterday with her 2nd injection. Thankfully she was ok this time..


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