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Love Your Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day. Love Your Pet Day. A chance to show the world, how much you love your pet!! Aww!! I love my Mollie. Love Your Pet Day: Here is my Mollie: She is not the most laid back of dogs. She followers me everywhere and is not too happy when I have to go out and leave her home!! She would play ball and Frisbee all day if I had time to play. Many nights she wakes me up for the toilet but I don't mind that now!! I am used to waiting for the call! How little was she just 8 months ago!! She was so cute as a puppy. These pictures were only taken when we first had her in June 2015. She was so much hard work as a puppy. I had quite a few tears over her in the early day. She used to need that much attention she once ripped my dress in half as I was up a ladder painting the shed. As she wanted to play. Here she is pinching my toilet roll!! Helping herself to the fallen apples. She is always ready to go running whenever

Five On Friday: Get Fit For The Weekend

Five On Friday: Get Fit For The Weekend. Friday already!? This week has whizzed by! Do you think so too? I have so many plans for this weekend. How about you? Is anything fun planned for you? Five on Friday can mean anything! Well almost! Finishing work at 5 for the weekend!! 5 kinds of things that you have done for someone this week. But my Five On Friday this week are 5 photos from my week so you get an idea of how it has been going.   So today I am sharing 5 photos so you can get an idea of my week so far: Five On Friday: Get Fit For The Weekend: Firstly, Baking! I have lots of baking recipes I need to make up. Some Valentine cake recipes to try out and some ready-made puff pastry needs to be used up!! I love homemade baking and cakes, don't you? Cakes, pastries, pies, yum yum! Do you like to bake too?  Secondly, Running! My 12-year-old son has a race on Saturday. I can not wait to watch it. It has been a while since I last got to see him race and he has improved a lot since the

The Shoe Thief!! No Shoe Is Safe!

The Shoe Thief!! No Shoe Is Safe!  Mollie loves shoes just as much as me.  She takes them. Bites them.  Then hides them. No shoes here!? Mollie!! The Shoe Thief!!