Hi ladies, my name is Claire Justine a 45+ blogger from Nottingham. I am a married mum of 4 who loves fashion. Especially fashion on a shoestring :).

Having a large family does not mean you have to go without, it just makes you spend more wisely as your money needs to go further.

I love fashion like most ladies, especially shoes. My favourites being Irregular Choice. I like a pair of Irregular Choice shoes as a special gift or Christmas presents or if I happen to find any discounted throughout the year.

I like to have a few quality key pieces of clothing each season and look for bargains all year round. Who does not love a good sale? High Street shops and supermarkets are my favourite shops as I think they are very stylish and great quality. Someone told me not too long ago on Twitter :

It’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it!”

I love this saying as it is so true. When I have time I like to look in the Charity shops too. You never know what gems you will find. I have a gorgeous dog called Mollie and I collect blogs or that what it seems!! My other blog is; Lifestyle By Claire Justine.

All about me!


  1. Don't know how you do it all but you and your blogs rock!
    Congrats Claire for being our Friend of the Week at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy.
    We love everything you do! xoxo :-)

    1. You are so lovely. Thanks for being a great blogging friend and thanks so much for the lovely comments


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