About Claire's World. Hi lovelies, and welcome to my blog, Claire's World. My name is Claire Justine a 50+  lifestyle blogger from Nottingham. 

I am a married mum of 4 who loves fashion. Especially fashion on a budget. Love a good charity shop find!! I’m here to demonstrate that fashion is an ever-evolving art that escapes age and only gets more fascinating with the passage of time.

I love home-cooked food, and spending time with my family and pet dog, Murphy. Also trying to keep fit!

About Claire's World:

This is an over 50 lifestyle blog and I will share fun posts, tips, travel, and style posts here. Anything fun that happens along the way. I love fashion like most ladies, especially shoes. My favourites are Irregular Choice.

Age, in my opinion, is more than just a number; it’s a beautiful indicator of the chapters we’ve lived and the stories we still have to tell. I’m a proud member of the wonderful over-50 fashion bloggers.

Claire Justine

It’s Not What You Wear:

Someone told me not too long ago; It’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it!” I love this saying as it is so true. 

When I have time I like to look in Charity shops too. You never know what gems you will find. 

Claire Justine

Love My Irregular Choice Toy Story Shoes:

See this post from when I first got my Toy Story Shoes. Love My Irregular Choice Toy Story Shoes. Step into the world of Toy Story with this fun collection of shoes inspired by your favourite characters from Irregular Choice. From Buzz Lightyear to Woody, these Toy Story shoes are sure to delight fans of all ages. Love My Irregular Choice Toy Story Shoes.

Claire Justine

See the full outfit here:

Cream Jumper Dress, Skinny Jeans, And Toy Story, Irregular Choice Shoes:

Cream Jumper Dress, Skinny Jeans, And Toy Story, Irregular Choice Shoes. What I Wore: Jumper Dress: Primark | Skinny Jeans: Primark | Shoes: Irregular Choice

Jumper dress. Skinny jeans and toy story shoes!! Love this jumper dress which I picked up in Primark for five pounds!! Skinny jeans, hand-me-downs from my daughter too.

I am resharing this post because I ended up restarting my blog and I do not want the internet to hate me with lots of broken links!! I want Google to be my friend. You can read more about how I restarted my blog here: Saturday Style: Christmas Grinch Jumper. Cream Jumper Dress, Skinny Jeans, And Toy Story, Irregular Choice Shoes.

Claire Justine
Toy Story Shoes-Irregular Choice
Claire Justine
Jumper Dress

About Me. Claire Justine is an over 50 years old lifestyle blogger who shares various content related to fashion, beauty, food, fitness, and general lifestyle topics on her website's. 

My other blogs are Claire Justine, I Wasn't Expecting That, and Polka Dot Lady. Also, I have a few Instagram accounts, you can find them above.

This blog is where I share my travel and over 50 styles. That is, all about me!

Now over to you, let us know all about you and how you found us here :) Thanks so much for stopping by here and I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

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