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Welcome to my over 40 style blog. Would you like us to work together?

Email me with any ideas on how we can work together.

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Happy to work with you on:

Fashion here Claire Justine Style Blog or Claire Justine Oxox fashionable and fitness at my lifestyle blog. The food blog I Wasn't Expecting That. I cover most topics on one blog or anyone. 

Got any fun ideas? Drop me an email:

  • I will only review things that are suitable for the theme of my blogs: food, fashion, fitness, home, garden etc. I mostly give a good review as I know I am going to like it. I also turn down things I do not like or would not use personally. 
  • I love to join in fun challenges or drop me an email to see if we could work together?
  • I am always happy to be contacted about your product to see if it will fit with my blog and reader.
  • All reviews will be truthful, I will put everything I think about the product down from the best about it to things I don't like, also I like to take pictures of the products and could add pictures or information on the product if you wish me to add some.
  • If I've brought the produced I am reviewing I will clearly say so, likewise if I've been sent it to review. 
  • I will mention if I have been gifted it free of charge to review.
  • I will also share my post on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Facebook like page.
  • I am based in the UK so only review things from the UK.
  • Paid posts will clearly be marked Sponsored post and no follow links being added. 

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