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Friday, 7 August 2015

A Walk In Bakewell With Mollie..

Last we took Mollie deep into the peaks and up the hills at Bakewell.

Me, hubby and 3 of the children had a fun day out walking.

Fresh air and countryside is always a feel-good day.

Not to mention fizzy pop and chippy chips at the end of the walk, is always a must!!

After a hours walk, I was so tempted to grab a seat but the chip shop was calling us.

As we walked into town, Mollie got the attention of lots of people as usual!

 Everybody loves her.

Well, not everything loves her though.

This Canadian goose did not like Mollie one little bit!!

It was hissing at her.



  1. I was in Bakewell on Saturday. It's gorgeous! Lovely photos, thanks for linking up to #shareasmile x


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