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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mollie In The Ball Pool

Mollie In The Ball Pool

Mollie In The Ball Pool.

A few week's ago on Sunday, my husband has a rare day off work. What to do on a lazy sunny morning, when the shops are not open?

We decided to go and visit our local car boot sale. 

I have been asking him for a while to take me as I wanted to buy Mollie one of those cute little kids pop up tunnels. I fancy my hand at a spot of sheepdog agility training!

I thought I might be able to pick a few good things up from the boot sale and cheaper than the shops. 

The first stall I came to had this medium round bag for sale, that just looked like the shape of a tunnel inside.

"How much is this?!" I asked

"What is it?" She replied?

I looked puzzled, thinking well it is you who is selling it!!

"Oh I know; it's one of those tunnel things, £2.00" she replied

Perfect I thought, paid her and walked off. 

What a bargain I boosted to the hubby, no need to look any more!

Mollie In The Ball Pool

When we got home, hubby rushed outside to show Mollie what I had brought her.

What is this he shouted?

I got outside to find out it was not a tunnel what I was told it was...

It was a ball pool pit!!

Mollie In The Ball Pool

Oh well, Mollie loved it and it Keeps all her toys tidy on the garden!!

Mollie In The Ball Pool

My eldest son hates it though, "I will pay you £2.00 to chuck it" he told me, haha...

Mollie In The Ball Pool

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  1. How adorable!!
    Love the playful moments that we create for them. Nice shots and great memories.

  2. Adorable little guy - you'll have years of fun and friendship with him, I feel sure!
    Thanks for linking up at

  3. So cute! Looks like Mollie is enjoying it. :)

  4. As long as Mollie enjoys it and it has its use.


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