10 Things I've Learned From An 8 Week Old Sheepdog

10 Things I've Learned From An 8 Week Old Sheepdog. Hello friends. So Mollie our new and adorable Border Collie puppy is definitely keeping me on my toes because she is none stop!!

10 Things I've Learned From An 8 Week Old Sheepdog

10 Things I've Learned From An 8 Week Old Sheepdog:

We have only had her a few days, yet it already feels like she has lived here a lot longer. How clever are Border Collies!?

The first day we had a few toilet accidents in the house then on only day 2 she started whining to be taken outside! Because she wanted to do her business outside, how clever!?

Maybe because we bought her from a farmer and was used to being outside? (The Vet said farm puppies are easier to toilet train). So I'm guessing this is why!? Whoop, who. Hopefully no mess in the house then!?

10 Things I've Learned From An 8 Week Old Sheepdog

10 Things I've Learned From An 8 Week Old Sheepdog Puppy:

1.) Sleep Routine Goes Out Of The Window: 

Did you know there is more than one 2 o'clock in a day? {Yep and two 4 o'clock and even two 6 o'clock}. Saying this I got 7 hours sleep last night!!

2.) Falling In Love Can And Does Happen Instantly: 

You can fall in puppy love and care so much for something you have only had a few days. {She is so sweet everyone loves her, who sees her because she is adorable.}.

3.) Running Around The Garden In The Middle Of The Night Becomes Normal: 

Running around the garden in your PJ's in the middle of the night can be fun! Not!! {Trying to tire her out for a few more hours sleep once she has been to do her business is becoming every day occurrence}.

4.) You Start Talking In Baby Language: 

For some unknown reason, you start talking in baby language. You can not help it and only notice when someone tells you.

Every time you speak to your puppy the words that come out sound like baby talk. {Good girl!! goo goo}. 

5.) Sheepdog/Border Collies Are Such Fast Learners: 

A Border Collie can learn something straight away. {Day 2 whining to do her business, amazing!! still a few wee accidents though}.

They are like sponges and absorb what you are telling then straight away. Give me paw Mollie " hands it to me straight away". Amazing!!

Border Collie

6.) Training Your Dog To Go Outside To The Toilet Can Be Quick With A Little Bit Of Patients: 

How quickly an 8 week old can be toilet trained. {Read no.5, he he}. With a little bit of patience, training and a treat or two, Sheepdog can learn pretty quickly as they just love to learn new things. 

7.) No Need For A Foot Warmer: 

A puppy makes a good foot warmer. {Just stand in the same place for more than a few minutes e.g washing the pots and she comes and lays on them!}.

She loves to come and snuggle up to my feet to make her feel safe, I think.

8.) Never Every Leave Any Shoes Around: 

You should never leave your shoes around. {The laces must be so tempting to chew on}. Also taste so good to a puppy and easy to chew on. Especially when the teeth are in need of something to munch on.

9.) Every Smell In The House Will Now Be Blamed On The Dog: 

Every smell that is made in the house the can now be blamed on the dog! {Boy can she trump too!!}.

10.) Confidence Will Come Every Day: 

She grows in confidence every day. Day one she just sat quietly, now nobodies feet are safe!! So funny.
10 Things I've Learned From A 8 Week Old Sheepdog

10 Things I've Learned From An 8 Week Old Sheepdog:

Name: Mollie.
Breed: Border Collie.
Age: 8 weeks old.
Weight: 4 Ib 2 oz.
10 Things I've Learned From An 8 Week Old Sheepdog

10 Things I've Learned From A 8 Week Old Sheepdog.

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  1. Hello, Mollie is adorable. What a cute puppy dog. It is good news she is house trained so young. Cute photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  2. Cute little puppy, may you have a wonderful life together!

  3. Gorgeous pup. Have a lovely week ahead.

  4. Such a cute puppy, quite a heart-stealer. She's so cute lying on her side. I hope you get more sleep soon.

  5. I LOVE your sweet new puppy! What a darling post!!!!


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