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Styling A Christmas Jumper With Velvet Trousers

Styling A Christmas Jumper With Velvet Trousers. Hello, friends happy Monday. So how are you today? Hello! It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me. Why is it that when you get poorly, every virus and infection tries to jump on? I’ve been ill for over a month now with one thing or another. Styling A Christmas Jumper With Velvet Trousers: Last week it took me ages to just put my Christmas tree up. The pain was unreal the next day as though I had done a hard gym session!! Time to build my strength up now as I am so weak and fragile. Plus I have had a really bad toothache for 3 days because I am so run down. Last I realised it’s not long before Christmas and I best get my skates on.

Polka Dot Lady

Polka Dot Lady. Hello friends and happy Monday. Welcome to my new blog, Polka Dot Lady.  I love all things polka dotty so thought I would share my wardrobe here, in a whole blog dedicated to polka dots!!  Hello, lovelies, and thank you for visiting Polka Dot Lady, my personal style blog. I'm Claire, a blog-loving mother of four from Nottinghamshire in the UK. About Polka Dot Lady : I've been writing blogs on Claire Justine for more than 11 years. I've realised that I've loved polka dots for the past 15 years and that I won't be losing that affection anytime soon as I quickly approach 50.  So I decided to start a brand-new blog specifically for them. My daughter dubbed me the "polka dot lady" since that's all I ever wear and my son, who was trying to encourage me to concentrate on one subject, instead of everything and helped me come up with the name. Polka Dot Lady: Are you a fan of Polka Dots? spots, or any kind of dotty clothing?  If so, stick around