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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Pancake Day: Crepe Suzette Recipe

Pancake Day: Crepe Suzette Recipe

Pancake Day: Crepe Suzette RecipeFrom Chef James Strawbridge. The perfect crepe is a thing of utter joy.

Light, buttery and a blank canvas to smother on your savoury or sweet toppings of choice.

We love the retro-classic Crepe Suzette to round off a meal: thin pancakes bathed in a boozy orange sauce. James Strawbridge has the ultimate Crepe Suzette recipe that's guaranteed to knock your socks off. Don't forget the generous dollop of Cornish clotted cream to serve!

Pancake Day: Crepe Suzette Recipe From Chef James Strawbridge:

For The Pancakes:
  • 140g plain flour 
  • Pinch of salt
  • 200ml Trewithen Dairy Whole Milk 2 eggs
  • 25g Trewithen Dairy Salted Butter, melted, plus a little extra for greasing

For The Sauce:
  • 3 tbsp caster sugar 
  • 250ml freshly squeezed orange juice (2-3 oranges)
  • zest of 1 orange
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp Grand Marnier
  • 50g unsalted butter, cubed into small pieces


Pancake Day: Crepe Suzette Recipe And Video Method:

How To Make:
  1. Sift the flour into a bowl with the salt and make a well in the middle. Add 100ml of water to the milk and mix. Break the eggs into the well and whisk slowly, while adding the milk and water mixture. Whisk until smooth and then set the batter aside to rest for 30 mins, before whisking in the melted butter.
  2. Heat the pan over medium heat and lightly grease it with melted butter. Using a ladle, pour about 2 tbsp of batter into the pan and swirl it around so the bottom of the pan is evenly coated. Cook the pancake on both sides until golden and then slide it out of the pan and stack on a warm plate with baking parchment in between. Repeat to use up all the batter, then keep the pancakes warm while you make the sauce.
  3. Put the caster sugar into a non-stick frying pan over low-medium heat. Allow the sugar to melt slowly without stirring until it turns into a caramel liquid. Immediately slide the pan off the heat and add the orange juice, taking care as it may spit as it hits the hot caramel. Add the orange zest, lemon juice and Grand Marnier and return to the pan to low heat to re-melt the caramel into the liquid. Add the butter to the sauce and bring to the boil. Simmer gently until glossy and reduced slightly to a syrupy consistency.
  4. To serve, fold the warm pancakes into quarters and arrange in a dish. Pour over the orange sauce and top with a generous helping of Trewithen Dairy Cornish clotted cream – delicious!

Pancake Day

Pancake Day: Crepe Suzette

So what do you think about this recipe? Do you fancy trying it? Pancake Day: Crepe Suzette Recipe And Video From Chef James Strawbridge Recipe c/o Trewithen Dairy.

About Trewithen Dairy:

Trewithen Dairy is owned and run by the Clarke family, who have owned Greymare Farm in the Glynn Valley since 1976 and started crafting dairy products there in March 1994. As the business has grown, so has their family.

It's not just the Clarke family that do all they can to make our delicious Cornish dairy products what they are, it's their colleagues, farmers and of course, customers too.

 In the early days, the Clarkes had their own herd. Bill and Rachel would bottle the milk once the children were in bed and deliver it early the next morning.

They cooked the clotted cream themselves, in open trays and potted it by hand.

Their customers loved all of this Cornish dairy goodness and soon the Clarkes were supplying more and more happy customers.

 By 2001, the milk bottling and cream making side of the business had become so successful that the family made the brave decision to sell their herd and moved full time into producing milk, cream, butter and, more recently, yoghurt. Bill and Rachel's sons Francis and George now run the dairy day to day with key roles as Managing Director and Production Director respectively, with more than 200 highly valued employees and plenty of continued input from Bill and Rachel.

Pancake Day: Crepe Suzette Recipe And Video From Chef James Strawbridge
Pancake Day: Crepe Suzette Recipe And Video From Chef James Strawbridge

Watch the video here:

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