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Thursday, July 02, 2020

Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden

Vintage Swing Dress

Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden. 

Hello friends. Happy Thursday. How is your week going so far?

Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden:

Now that lockdown rules are starting to ease it means we can now go to visit family in their garden.

On Sunday after I finished work my husband picked me up and we went to spend an hour with my mum and dad to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Mollie The Collie even came a run out in the car with us.

Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden

Celebrating A 50th Wedding Anniversary In Lockdown:

Love is in the air! 50 whole years of it! Imagine being married to the same person for 50 years!? Over the weekend my mum and dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. 

If we weren't in lock-down it would have been nice to get all the family together and go out for a nice meal together. 

We are writing them all down for when it is safe to go out. 

So far my son is taking me out for afternoon tea and we have a whole bunch of birthday celebrations to catch up on.

Afternoon Tea In The Garden

Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden:

It was touch and go with the weather and we wondered if it was going to stay nice. 

It was my Sunday at work and when I looked out the window at lunch the sky was dark and full of rain clouds. I think it did rain itself out an hour before we were leaving. 

So pleased the weather stayed nice so we could sit in the garden and celebrate with them. Imagine if it had been raining!!

Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden
Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden
Afternoon Tea In The Garden
Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden
Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden
Apple trees

Mollie does not care if there is a party going on, all she wants to do is play ball.

Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden What I Wore:  Dress: Lindybop | Shoes: Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's

I love this little vintage-style dress. It also has sweet little butterflies and ladybirds on it. 

I did keep thinking that they were real ladybirds though when I was looking down eating my party food!! All teamed up with some flat white ballet-style shoes. 

mum and daughter

My daughter and I. 

Mini-me had a nice new dressing up, blue wig for her birthday. 

I kinda love this and thinking of having a blonde one to cover up my grey hair from lock-down!?

Mollie The Collie

Vintage Swing Dress And Afternoon Tea In The Garden:

Mollie you are too cute, it is not even funny!!

Mollie was waiting by the front door to be let into the house. The back door was open just around the corner but she would not go around the back because she is used to going through the front door.

So she just waited and gave the occasional bark until someone let her in. She walked straight into the kitchen, out the back door, and waited by the front door!!

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afternoon tea dress


  1. Lovely dress Claire, and your shots are amazing. Thanks for sharing. Jacqui x

  2. That dress is so pretty and perfect on you. I love your daughter's blue wig! Hey Mollie!!

    1. Aww, thanks Heather :) Ha, I might be borrowing her wig soon ;)

  3. So many parents celebrated their 50th this year (my parents did too!). Glad you were able to celebrate with them!

    1. Oh wow, another one of my friends parents are celebrating too :)

  4. that is really beautiful dress. congrats on 50 years, it is a big thing.

  5. The dress is lovely! And it's definitely good to get out and see people more, even if it does depend on the weather being good!

  6. I love your knee-length vintage dresses. You have so many pretty ones. Do you still do your linkups, Claire?!

    I brought back The Sunday Showcase, the first Sunday of each month. I would love for you to join it. Thanks. =) Enjoy your week!


    1. Hi Ada, aww thanks lovely. I have stopped the linkups now as I am so busy at work and with all the stress of covid it was all wearing me down x

  7. Claire, this dress is so pretty! I love the colors and the pretty collar! And how cute is your daughter's blue wig. I love it! What an amazing milestone for your parents, too. Happy Anniversary to them! Thanks for linking up.


    1. Aww, thanks so much for hosting and stopping by Shelbee :)

  8. Love the dress so much!
    Thanks for joining us this week at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/07/jazzy.html

  9. I love the dress, it's just perfect for a garden party, you can wear the garden :) Congratulations to your parents, I hope you get to have a big party later.

    1. Thanks Anne. We have lots of fun things to celebrate this year with birthdays. A big party sounds like a great idea etc :)

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