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Sunday, February 26, 2023

How I Wear Pearls

How I Wear Pearls. Shabby Chic Style China Cups And Pearls, Real Pearls. Hello, lovelies. So I am like a magpie and love anything sparkly, beautiful, and old. As you do!! Do you too? 

I love old china cups and buy plenty from the charity shop and the pearls are so vintage too. But how do you really wear pearls? You may be wondering? I mean real pearls!! How Exciting!! Let's start with the real pearls first! So beautiful, aren't they?

Shabby Chic Style China Cups And Pearls

How I Wear Pearls:

How Should I Style My Real Pearls? Real Claudia Bradby pearls!! What a delightful question to pose. Since I adore the concept of genuine pearls for such a long time. In addition, I adore wearing costume jewellery, particularly pearls. Whether real or fake. I just love vintage style. 

However, I've never actually owned a pearl necklace. Until now!! So you can understand how happy I was at the time! The time I agreed to review a piece from Claudia Bradby Jewellery's collection was when they requested me to. I mean, who would say no?

Shabby Chic Style China Cups And Pearls

They have an exquisite array of cultivated pearls. I chose this lovely, delicate Valentina Rose Gold And Pearl Necklace as a result. I prefer to think of myself as having a current look with a vintage touch. You may already be aware of my love for polka dots, floral prints, and pearls. So these pearls would finish off my complete vintage look. *Pearls Gifted Years Ago*
Stop by the full post here on my other blog Claire Justine to read more: How Do You Wear Pearls? Great for afternoon tea. So pretty. I also love wearing them.

Shabby Chic Style China Cups And Pearls Real Pearls

Afternoon Tea Style:

Taking about vintage and afternoon tea you might like how to How To Celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week At Home? How To Celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week At Home. Chef of cuisine at De Vere Cotswold Water Park, Simon Bradley. A lovely hotel surrounded by 152 lakes and set among the Cotswolds' undulating hills. It has provided his best advice on how to take advantage of the customary British activity at home. 

Shabby Chic Style China Cups And Pearls Real Pearls

The Perfect Blend first. The tea itself is without a doubt the most significant component of afternoon tea. Second, try new things. The standard fare for a traditional afternoon tea is sandwiches and scones. Food For Thought, third. 

Keep some of those traditional "crowd pleasers" on the menu, such as egg mayonnaise sandwiches, cucumber with cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwiches, macarons, Battenberg, and ├ęclairs, even if you may be eager to serve your most delicious creation. Read more here on Claire's World: How To Celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week At Home.

Shabby Chic Style China Cups And Pearls Real Pearls

Shabby Chic Style China Cups And Costume Pearls:

Now, how sweet is this old china set? These Cornflower Blue china plates cups and saucers are very adorable. My mother gave them to me as she was cleaning out the house of my grandma's sister. 

They must be a collector's piece now. The great thing about old china cups that are missing from a set is that you can always pick up bits from a charity shop or car boot sale. 

Shabby Chic Style China Cups And Pearls Real Pearls

Shabby Chic Style China Cups And Pearls Real Pearls

How I Wear Pearls:

I can see how much she would like to have these. They must have been her pride and joy. Which china is best for special occasions? Pearls look quite lovely on china tea cups. Do you not agree? 

I like to see them served with cupcakes and with flowers inside. If so, do you prefer to collect an entire set or simply the odd ones, as I do? Do you collect china cups and saucers?

Do you just use your china cups for hot drinks or do you like to use them for something else like displays?  What would you put in yours? *Oh the second pearls are only fake!! Ha!! Just for dressing up my table. I think they were around £2.00 from Primark... Shh.. they do look real and fun, don't they?

What is your favourite thing to collect? Is anything antique or vintage? I enjoy gathering unique vintage cups, plates, and half sets since they work well together. Additionally, I believe it would be difficult to purchase a complete set without paying top dollar. Updated Post And Photos! 

How I Wear Pearls

How To Wear Pearls:

While wearing pearls, it's essential to choose outfits that highlight and enhance their beauty. Here are some suggestions for pearl jewellery clothing:

Firstly, Ensure Elegance. It's ideal to wear a straightforward, basic look with pearls because they are timeless and lovely. A classic little black dress or a crisp white shirt with trousers can be a great choice. When picking what to dress, take the occasion into consideration.

Secondly, Think About Where You Are Going To Wear Them. The situation and location. While selecting what to wear with your pearls, keep the occasion in mind. A lengthy gown or cocktail dress is suited for a formal occasion, while a basic jumper or top can be worn to a more relaxed occasion.

Thirdly, Consider The Sort Of Pearls You Have. Each form of pearl has unique qualities and can be coupled with a variety of fashions. For example, freshwater pearls can be combined with more casual clothing, whereas other pearls are more formal and are best worn with dressier attire.

Fourthly, Thinks About The Patterns. Choose solid colours rather than chaotic prints or patterns that can draw attention away from the pearls. Use solid colours that contrast with the pearls' colour instead.

Fifth, Tone It Down. Wearing any bulky or showy jewellery that could compete with your pearls is not a good idea because they already make a statement.

In general, the idea is to make the pearls the center of attention of your ensemble and to wear clothing that enhances and compliments their natural beauty.

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