Mollie Is One Year Old, Oh How Time Flies

Mollie Is One Year Old, Oh How Time Flies. Hello friends, so how are you today? How time flies! I can not believe Mollie has turned 1 already!! But then again, it feels like we have had her for a long, long time :) Love her to pieces.

Mollie Is One Year Old

Mollie Is One Year Old, Oh How Time Flies:

She loves her frisbee, so much so she sulked last week when her last one broke. So I rushed to the shops to buy her another one. Being a working sheepdog, she feels it is her job to round the frisbee up. 2 walks a day chasing the frisbee and she is so happy. When she didn't have her frisbee she was so miserable! Just like me when I don't have cake!!

Here are some of her best posts to celebrate her birthday:

Firstly, Mollie The Collie: Puppy Diaries Of Mollie The Collie. Remember how I said I had some exciting news to share with you yesterday? So there you have it! We got a cute puppy for ourselves. Border Collie puppy, 8 weeks old. Mollie the Collie is a wonderful dog. Wow, it's a lot of work at first!?! I have a foot warmer if I stand motionless for a minute. She will wine the house down if I leave her alone at night. She leaves me a present if I turn my back for a second. Nevertheless, quite lovely!! And I'm already madly in love with her. Mollie The Collie: Puppy Diaries Of Mollie The Collie.

Secondly, 10 Things I've Learned From An 8 Week Old Sheepdog. We've only had her for a few days, yet she already feels like she's been here for a long time. Border Collies are really intelligent! We had a couple toilet accidents in the house on the first day. But nothing much. Maybe because we bought her from a farmer and was used to being outside? (The Vet said farm puppies are easier to toilet train). So I'm guessing this is why!? Whoop, who. Hopefully no mess in the house then!? 10 Things I've Learned From An 8 Week Old Sheepdog.

Mollie Is One Year Old

Thirdly, Mollie Exploring The Garden: 

Mollie Exploring The Garden. What An Adventure: Last but not least, hello friends, and today I am sharing my Wordless Wednesday photo with you of Mollie. How exciting is it to explore a new garden all to yourself? So many new things to see and do. Lots of new smells to be smelt too!! How fun!! Mollie Exploring The Garden.

Fourthly, Pink Saturday With Mollie The Border Collie Puppy. Today I am sharing some photos of our adorable puppy Mollie with her new toy. A pink and purple ball with a rope on it to help her strengthen her little teeth. She also loves her new toy because she can play pull with it too. Pink Saturday With Mollie The Border Collie Puppy. Aww, how adorable is she!? She is such a sweetie pie :)

Fifthly, 10 Things I’ve Learned From A 8 Week Old Sheepdog. Secondly, Mollie our new and adorable Border Collie puppy is definitely keeping me on my toes. We have only had her a few days, yet it already feels like she has lived here a lot longer. How clever are Border Collies!? 10 Things I’ve Learned From A 8 Week Old Sheepdog.

Sixth, Happy Puppy Day: When Mollie Met Freddie. So adorable together. Freddie is my mum’s puppy and Mollie is my beautiful dog. Freddie loves to play and run around with Mollie. But Mollie is used to being the only one. Spoilt springs to mind!! 

My mum is in my bubble so we can go to see them. What a fun combination when they do get to meet! Say hi to Freddie. These photos were taken a few months ago. Not long after he came to live with my mum. When Mollie Met Freddie. 

And Update Post To Share The Older Years Of Mollie:

Favourite Photos:

One of my favourite photos of her was a lion King moment: Mollies Lion King Moment!! Mollie On Snake Rock? I adore everything about this photo and Sherwood Forest is the perfect place to take lots of photos. 

Also, love this photo when she would not let me set my table up because she wanted some attention: Close To You!! Mollie The Collie Diary’s.

It wasn’t always easy, having a dog. She loved to rip things up It Wasn’t Me!? But how could you tell her off when she had a face like this!? How adorable was she in her Christmas Jumper?

She was my best friend and we loved going on walks together, and it has been so hard watching her get poorly with cancer. I miss seeing her beautiful face around.

Mollie Is One Year Old, Oh How Time Flies

The Last Chapter: Mollie The Border Collie. It is with great sadness that I inform you that Mollie, the Border Collie, has passed away. I'm devastated because I adored her. Every day of her existence, we spent hours together as best friends. As if losing my father in January wasn't painful enough, I now have to deal with the loss of my fur baby. Mollie The Collie: Puppy Diaries was only eight weeks old when we initially brought her home. We had such a wonderful time together, and she was a much-loved dog. I've always adored her: My Adorable Border Collie, I adore you. She was an absolute joy to own and raise. The Last Chapter: Mollie The Border Collie. 

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Mollie Is One Year Old, Oh How Time Flies


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