Growing Back To My Roots

Growing Back To My Roots. Happy Saturday friends. Looks like for now I'm growing my roots out!!
(Yeap that is a ball in the background!! Mollie the Collie thinks if you stand still for too long you're ready to play ball!!).

Last year when my Mum got ill I got down and did not feel like going to the hairdressers. The last thing I wanted was to try and be chatting when I was going through lots of emotions.

The next moment Christmas was here and I did not like to go to the hairdresser when they were busy when I had not been for months so I left it again.

Growing Back To My Roots:

My plan since Christmas was to let the colour grow out and have a nice blonde pixie bob for Spring. Now, that is not going to happen with lockdown!!

So it looks like I'm gowning my roots out again, after all.

I have spent many days over my lifetime cutting or colour my hair and it has turn out badly, so I have decided to grow it until I can no longer live with it like this.

Grey hair is the new blonde? We here it is.

Lockdown Outfit:

What I Wore: Shoes & Dress both from Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's

Any Hairdressers In Your Family?

Are you growing your hair right now or are you good at cutting and colouring your own? Do you have someone who lives with you that can cut your hair?

Well, I really need a nice suntan and I hear the weather is going to be beautiful tomorrow. I would get out in the garden but I am working all day 😞 #StayHomeSafeLives

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  1. Claire, this dress is so adorable! I love the color and the print. And your roots do not look bad at all. I just colored my hair yesterday and it is getting way too long to do it myself. What a hassle! I haven’t had a hair cut since June either so I am long overdue! Guess I will be waiting for both that cut and a professional color for a while longer. Hang in there, my friend. We are all going to look like ragamuffins by the end of this!



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