Re-Writing My Goals For 2020

Re-Writing My Goals For 2020. Hello friends. Happy Monday. I am sat here reading my 2020 goals and now where can I see stay home and be lazy!!

Keep Trying To Motivate Myself:

I keep trying to motivate myself every morning to do my run and stay positive but as the day goes by it gets harder to keep my goals and plans.

New Day New Opportunities:

Every day is a new opportunity and I will never take going out whenever I feel like it for granted again. I'm now re-writing my goals for when this is over to get out more, go to the gym most days and travel more once the lockdown is over.

On A Positive Note:

I reviewed this 7 and a half years ago for Tu Clothing when I was about 40 years old and guess what!? It still fits me 🥳 sometimes it is the little things ... want to know how I've changed over the last 7 years? The review is here: 

Gok Wan’s 1st Anniversary Collection For Tu At Sainsbury’s.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Gok Wan’s, 1st anniversary collection of clothing for Tu at Sainsbury’s. I love Sainsbury’s clothing and I was blown away by the beautiful piece’s in the Gok for Tu – AW12 look book. I wanted everything!! As everything in the collection is beautiful. Gok Wan’s 1st Anniversary Collection For Tu At Sainsbury’s.

Thank for stopping by today and motivating me to keep writing.

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Navy Marks And Spencer Dress And Summer Sandals 2019: 

It is funny when you are in the woods trying to take an outfit post and someone walks past. I mean, only one couple walked by me here but the stares I got from one couple were unreal!! It does make me laugh out loud! Navy Marks And Spencer Dress And Summer Sandals 2019.

Pineapple Dress: Fun Prints Over 40 Style: 

Happy hump day. 3 more day until our Summer holiday and I can not wait to chill out! Just going through my Summer clothes and found this fun pineapple printed dress for my holidays again. Pineapple Dress: Fun Prints Over 40 Style.

Ladybird Top And Strip Down Side Jeans: 

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by a trip to Bristol last year. I love these mid-wash slim blue jeans with white and red side stripe which I picked up from Zara in the Summer. This ladybird t-shirt is so sweet and comfy trainers are a must when going out and about. I also teamed this outfit up with a chunky knitted red cardigan to keep me nice and warm!! Ladybird Top And Strip Down Side Jeans.

Lady In Red: Red Summer Dress With Yellow Sandals: 

Hello friends, have you had a good weekend? It is all go here as I am doing some decorating. I have noticed over the last few mornings when I get up early that there is a little chill in the air. I hope Autumn is not on its way yet as I have lots of Summer clothes I still need to wear yet!! Lady In Red: Red Summer Dress With Yellow Sandals.

I Just Want You To Dance With Me Tonight: 

Wednesday Link Up. Hello friends, how are you this beautiful and sunny day? It feels like someone has switched a switch and summer has arrived. The last two days have been beautiful. I might treat the garden to a bit of love today and start digging it for Spring. I Just Want You To Dance With Me Tonight.


  1. That's great that your dress still fits after 7 years and I am not sure I'll ever take just running out to the store and wandering aisles for granted again... well, I mean I might but I sure as heck will try not to!

    1. I know. If someone would have said this a few months ago I would never have believed it :(

  2. I love these pictures! Beautiful! Saving and dreaming of vacations! I think most of us hope to do take things for granted again and praying this ends soon.

  3. These pictures are fabulous, Claire! I think this time in quarantine is making many of us revisit lots of things! I am trying to stay motivated myself in working toward my personal goals, but it is a challenge right now. Take it one day at a time and focus forward!


    1. I so lack motivation at the minute Shelbee but I am trying to move forward one step at a time.

  4. Hope you are staying well and keeping sane Claire! Great photos and thanks for sharing your goals on the #linkup Jacqui x

  5. Congrats that the dress still fits.

  6. I'm with you on so many of those! I think what I miss most is the travel--even being able to resume trip planning, because we just have so little to go on. I'm a list keeper--daily, seasonal, and a List of 100 Dreams. While And while, on one hand, it feels like we're not able to do/see/go/experience much--on the other hand, everyone in my house is picking up a new instrument to learn. And I can guarantee that's not something that would have happened if we were all going about business as usual!
    Beautiful post...celebrate that dress and YOU!

  7. Wow!! These are stunning pictures!!


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