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Polka Dot Lady. Hello friends and happy Monday. Welcome to my new blog, Polka Dot Lady. 

I love all things polka dotty so thought I would share my wardrobe here, in a whole blog dedicated to polka dots!! 

Hello, lovelies, and thank you for visiting Polka Dot Lady, my personal style blog. I'm Claire, a blog-loving mother of four from Nottinghamshire in the UK.

Polka Dot Lady

About Polka Dot Lady:

I've been writing blogs on Claire Justine for more than 11 years. I've realised that I've loved polka dots for the past 15 years and that I won't be losing that affection anytime soon as I quickly approach 50. 

So I decided to start a brand-new blog specifically for them. My daughter dubbed me the "polka dot lady" since that's all I ever wear and my son, who was trying to encourage me to concentrate on one subject, instead of everything and helped me come up with the name.

Polka Dot Lady:

Are you a fan of Polka Dots? spots, or any kind of dotty clothing? If so, stick around and I will share how I styled mine. I love finding new items in the shops and mixing them with second-hand finds in the charity shop. 

Do you too? Vintage With A Modern Twist. You can't have a bad day in polka dots, can you?

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Can You Wear A Skirt With A Teddy Coat?

Can You Wear A Skirt With A Teddy Coat? I enjoyed spending the day in Camden with my hubby. Because of the fantastic restaurants, stores, and never-ending street art for me to take pictures in front of, we adore visiting this location. Haha!! 

We didn't get to Camden until the afternoon because it was cold and gloomy and we had to walk the dog first. It's lunchtime! We both failed to eat breakfast while running around, so by the time we arrived, we were quite hungry. 

After having a quick look at all the food vendors, we chose to purchase some delectable chicken and noodles. Anyway, I chose to don a skirt I packed from home and my brand-new lime green teddy coat. Can You Wear A Teddy Coat With A Skirt?

Polka Dot Lady

Outfit Of The Day:

Outfit Of The Day: Coat: Tu Clothing | Long Maxi Skirt With Fun Side Splits: Charity Shop | Boots: Tu Clothing. Location: Camden. Check Out Amazons Range Of Polka Dot Skirts For Women And Polka Dot Dresses For Women. 

Polka Dot Lady

Polka Dot Lady:

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Firstly, It’s Me, Hi. I’m The Problem It’s Me. My poor family, wherever we go they always end up having to wait for me! It’s Me, Hi. I’m The Problem It’s Me.

Secondly, Don’t You Hate It When You Go Out In Public? And The Public Has The Nerve To Be There Too? Don’t You Hate It When You Go Out In Public?

Thirdly, The Best Thing About Being A Woman. A fun day out in Camden on Monday 💕 The Best Thing About Being A Woman.

Trying To Get The Perfect Shot!

Fourthly, Trying To Get The Perfect Shot! Loving this long floaty maxi skirt I picked up at the charity shop a few weeks ago ♻️. 

Love the dark green colour and polka dot combo too. I did keep standing on it when I got up from the train and falling over it walking up the steps though 😂 Trying To Get The Perfect Shot! 

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Polka Dot Lady:

Polka Dot Lady. Thank you so much for visiting. I also hope you liked this post. Also, follow Along On Facebook And Instagram for more fashion posts.

Polka Dot Lady:

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Happy Sunday. A fun day out in Newark, yesterday.

Got to wear this beautiful polka-dot jumpsuit that I picked up in the charity shop a few weeks ago.

It fits perfectly and I absolutely love it. I also found some more amazing polka-dot clothing in the Newark charity shops. Can’t wait to wear them all.

What I Wore: Jumpsuit: F&F via Charity Shop | Shoes: Tu Clothing. Instagram Post Here: Polka Dot Jumpsuit.


  1. I love the color of your teddy coat! Such a cute and cozy look!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Hi Jill, aww thanks. I loved the colour of the coat as soon as I saw it :)

  2. This is such a nice and happy outfit, love the green teddy coat! <3


  3. You can wear anything! It all looks great!

  4. Polka Dots, not something I wear that often, but you look good in this skirt and teddy coat. Thank you for adding to my linkup Jacqui x

    1. Thanks so much for hosting and stopping by, Jacqui :)

  5. polka dot is so feminine and so classic: no wonder you like it so much. AT least I do love it. It might not be my most worn style but most trusted for sure. Absolutely LOVE your skirt here

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy you like my skirt :)

  6. Pretty skirt! Ialso love the mint green teddy coat, a soothing color for Winter.
    jess xx

  7. Congrats on your new blog! Love that mint green coat with your polka-dot skirt. Thank you for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 48.

  8. I love your coat, great colour! Thanks for sharing at the link up!

    Emma xxx


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