Styling A Christmas Jumper With Velvet Trousers

Styling A Christmas Jumper With Velvet Trousers. Hello, friends happy Monday. So how are you today?

Hello! It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me. Why is it that when you get poorly, every virus and infection tries to jump on? I’ve been ill for over a month now with one thing or another.

Styling A Christmas Jumper With Velvet Trousers

Styling A Christmas Jumper With Velvet Trousers:

Last week it took me ages to just put my Christmas tree up. The pain was unreal the next day as though I had done a hard gym session!!

Time to build my strength up now as I am so weak and fragile. Plus I have had a really bad toothache for 3 days because I am so run down. Last I realised it’s not long before Christmas and I best get my skates on.
So a trip to my hometown first thing and Meadowhall in the afternoon 🥰. I wore some trousers I picked up last Christmas and my new Christmas jumper. 

Styling A Christmas Jumper With Velvet Trousers

What I Wore: Jumper: Primark | Black Velvet Trousers: Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's | Boots: Primark 

Loving this Christmas jumper from Primark. A nice cheer-me-up red ❤️. Are you managing to keep the bugs away?

Velvet is a luxurious and versatile fabric that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Due to the statement nature of velvet, keep the rest of your ensemble understated and allow the velvet piece to steal the show.

Here are some ideas on what to wear with velvet:

What To Wear With Velvet Trousers:

Firstly, for a formal occasion, a velvet blazer is an excellent choice for like weddings or black-tie affairs. Wear it with sophisticated matching trousers.

You can wear velvet trousers and a straight-forward blouse for more laid-back occasions like tea parties or date nights.

Velvet is available in several colours, from traditional black to striking jewel tones. You can select a colour that goes well with your skin tone and combine it with neutrals or complementary shades.

Styling A Christmas Jumper With Velvet Trousers

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Nottingham Christmas Market Over The Years:

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Thirdly, Grinch Christmas Jumper: Primark. I work in a supermarket by day and blogger by night. We were told on Monday that this month we do not have to wear their uniform if we do not want to, we can wear Christmas jumpers! How cool!! I love this time of year and any excuse to buy a new one and wear my old Christmas jumpers is greatly accepted.

Can you guess where this Christmas jumper is from? Oh yeah, I popped it in the title! Doh, but can you believe it is really Primark? Such a great price for a licensed jumper and the design, style, and colours look so good together. Grinch Christmas Jumper: Primark.

Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Styling A Christmas Jumper With Velvet Trousers