5 Ideas for Homemade Valentine's Recipes

5 Ideas for Homemade Valentine's Recipes. Hello, lovelies. Happy Sunday. Do you like Valentine's Day? So today I have decided to share 5 treat ideas with you in preparation for Valentine's Day. 

5 Ideas for Homemade Valentine's Recipes

Do you like to stay in and prepare a lovely dinner for someone special, or do you prefer to eat out? Are you looking for some sweet treat ideas?

5 Ideas for Homemade Valentine's Recipes

5 Ideas for Homemade Valentine's Recipes:

Do you like to organise a fun getaway or cook a romantic meal at home? Low lighting and movie night.  I prepare a special feast for the two of us, complete with a bottle of wine and some wonderful desserts. 

So today I am sharing some sweet treat ideas. Perfect if your partner has a sweet tooth, like me!! Top of my menu is always what sweet will we be having afterward!? Then I think of the main course. Got to get my priorities right, haven't I? Sweet tooth and all.

Firstly, Meringue Sweet Treats:

BerryWorld Fruity Meringues: Afternoon Tea. These classic meringues are topped with cool whipped cream and your choice of berries. They also make a delicious pudding or afternoon treat. Great for valentine's Day! So how sweet are these? BerryWorld Fruity Meringues: Afternoon Tea.

Pistachio And Raspberry Love Hearts. How amazing do these Pistachio And Raspberry Love Hearts look!? Meringues love hearts are the perfect thing to serve up as a meal for lovers, don't you think? You can not go wrong with meringues. 

Bonne Maman Marbled Fruity Meringues.Want to make some fruity meringues with a marbled design? Delectable meringues topped with whipped cream and fresh summer fruits are an appealing twist on a summertime favourite. Bonne Maman Marbled Fruity Meringues.

Secondly, Afternoon Tea Drinks And Cocktails:

Raspberry Blush Cocktail. These Cranberry Cupcakes And Raspberry Blush are adorable! Cupcakes and drinks, yum yum!! Raspberry Blush, anyone? Are you a gin fan? I do. But I also enjoy a good cocktail recipe. Excellent served for afternoon tea, particularly. especially together! Raspberry Blush Cocktail.

Raspberry Champagne Cocktails. A Delicious Cocktail. finishing the evening with a few Raspberry Champagne Cocktails. An excellent champagne drink that is ideal for dinner parties, the holidays, or Valentine's Day. also any other festive events. Champagne and raspberry cocktails. so lovely. Raspberry Champagne Cocktails.

Thirdly, Heart Biscuits:

Raspberry Shortcake Hearts. These Raspberry Shortcake Hearts look rather posh, don't they? I would love to be served up these on Valentine's Day. How sweet? Outstanding For Valentine's Day. Do you intend to bake something in the upcoming week or so? Would you want to create some of these Raspberry Shortcake Hearts? Raspberry Shortcake Hearts. So good. 

I Love You Cookies. Everyone loves cookies especially I Love You Cookies!! Don't they!? Cookies and milk, yum, yum!! This Valentine's Day, instead of simply sending flowers, use these sweet homemade sweets to express your feelings. I Love You Cookies. So fun. 

Fourthly, Trifle:

My husband would skip the cakes as his favourite treat would be Home Made Trifles. He loves trifle and so do I come to think of it :)

Winter Trifle With Blackberries: Afternoon Tea Recipes. For those who love celebrating with food but also want to look after their gut over the Christmas period, Dr Joan Ransley has created two new festive delicious dishes that are full of flavour, colour, and gut-healthy ingredients - a Brussel Sprout, Chestnut, and Sage Risotto, which serves as an ideal vegetarian or vegan option, and a sweet Winter Trifle with Blackberries. Winter Trifle With Blackberries: Afternoon Tea Recipes. So tasty. 

5 Ideas for Homemade Valentine's Recipes:

Fifth, Ice Cream. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream. Do you like ice cream? We all love ice cream here. I love all the variety of ice you can make at home. Do you love to make your own ice cream? What about peanut butter? So are you a fan? We all love peanut butter too!! Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream. So good. Updated Post. Originally posted on February 2016.

What would be your loved one's favourite treat be on Valentine's Day?  So do you celebrate Valentine's day? Or is it like any day of the week to you? 

Thank you so much for stopping by. I also hope you like this post. 

5 Ideas for Homemade Valentine's Recipes