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Friday, April 05, 2019

Welcome To The Weekend Link Up

Welcome To The Weekend Link Up.

Welcome To The Weekend Link Up.

Also an outfit post in the woods!! Welcome To The Weekend Link Up. New theme new blog new blog hop! Happy Friday friends. So glad you could join us today at our new home for The Welcome To The Weekend Link Up. No inspiring title as planned as I am tired out this week.

I have been excitingly planning my new schedule this week and planning what I was going to do on each blog but things got dampened by the Pipdig drama on Twitter. I really wanted it not to be true but more and more I read about things I know it must be true. I am now frantically trying to change all my websites because of the things I keep reading.

Some really bad things too that could really impact us, bloggers, if true and we remain with them!? The trouble is, who do you go with? Can you trust them? I read about other websites copying his code too, so who do you really trust? The whole thing has really upset me because I loved all of their themes. Phil did so much for me when he changed my other blog to WordPress and I really found this all so confusing. 

{Hop over to Twitter if you have not seen the news and read for yourself. I am just passing on my thoughts here as I do not really know what is going on for sure}. So far I have changed 2 blogs but am still stuck with what to do with my main blog as I love the theme so much :(

I want to share more fashion posts here and I thought this was the best place to continue and grow the Welcome To The Weekend Link Up. 

Let's hope things start to pick up from now on as I do not need no more blog stress. I have really thought about chucking in the towel and ending my blog this week but decided to throw even more money at it as I love writing them. 

What I Wore: Jumper Dress: Primark | Skinny Jeans: Primark | Shoes: Irregular Choice

Welcome To The Weekend Link Up. #WeekendLinkUp #WelcomeToTheWeekendLinkUp #WelcomeToTheWeekendBlogHop. I hope you have had a lovely week? Are you all ready for the weekend? Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have fun at this week’s linky party.

Welcome To The Weekend Link Up
About The Welcome To The Weekend Link Up: Welcome To The Weekend is 4 week-long blog hop where you can link up any blog posts you like.

Posts You Can Share Here Today: Yes, you can link up anything today. No need for a theme. If you publish any more in the week you can also pop back and link them up too.

Welcome To The Weekend Link Up Guidelines:  Please only link up family-friendly posts! Please follow your host Claire Justine by Blog, Email, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Page, Pinterest or Bloglovin. Let me know how you have followed me so I can follow you back. Link up any posts or straight to your homepage. You can link any posts up on Friday’s. No need for a theme. Please tweet me any links you have added to the link up to me @clairejustineo using the #WeekendLinkUp hashtag and I will favourite, retweet and reply.

Please try to stop by over the weekend when you have a spare five minutes and comment on a few of the blogs that have linked up. Please link back to the Welcome To The Weekend Linky Party in your posts to spread the word. Now over to you to share your favourite posts this week.

 This Linky Has Now Closed. 
Jumper dress. skinny jeans and toy story shoes!!
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