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Monday, May 11, 2020

You Can't Have A Bad Day In Polka Dots

You Can't Have A Bad Day In Polka Dots." - Anna Kendrick.

You Can't Have A Bad Day In Polka Dots

Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees."
- Paul Strand

You Can't Have A Bad Day In Polka Dots:

Hello friends, Happy Monday. Just a quick post today as I have not posted here for a while. We are still in lockdown.

I have been editing some photos and trying to look at making some videos to pass my time on. I love how these have turned out. A little edgy compared to my usual flowered photos.

Two Forms Of Exercise A Day On Lockdown:

On Wednesday we will be allowed out twice a day so I am looking forward to that. It has been so hard to try to get all my exercise done at once. Running with Mollie the Collie is not as easy as you would think!!

She is terrible near cars and she tries to run for them to round them up!! It will be nice to walk Mollie from Wednesday and then do my run later when I've woken up and stretched properly.

You Can't Have A Bad Day In Polka Dots

 Queen Inspired Photo:

Queen the Rock group, should I say.  Love this photo. It reminds me of a Queen album cover. Queen II is the second studio album by the British rock band Queen. It was released on 8 March 1974. I think this photo sums me up. Vintage with a modern twist.

You Can't Have A Bad Day In Polka Dots

You Can't Have A Bad Day In Polka Dots:

What I Wore: Polka Dot Dress Tu Clothing Sainsbury's.

What do you think of my photos? Yeah or Nah? Go on, you can tell me the truth? Would you like to see more like these? Polka dots are my all-time favourites too because they always make me smile. 

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First Signs Of Spring And My Large Polka Dot's On My Coat:

Secondly, no do not worry I'm not breaking lockdown, these photos were taken about a month ago I've just been too busy stressing to share!! First Signs Of Spring And My Large Polka Dot's On My Coat.

Another Day Another Jumpsuit:

Thirdly, I love this jumpsuit from last Spring. I remember taking these photos well from last year too. Fun days when we were allowed out anywhere and had no restrictions.

Taking photos in the woods is not an essential part of the day now so I will have to look forward to visiting the woods for an outfit post soon. Hopefully not too long away now. If everyone sticks to the guidelines!! Another Day Another Jumpsuit.

Growing Back To My Roots:

Fourthly, Happy Saturday friends. Looks like for now I'm growing my roots out!! (Yes that is a ball in the background!! Mollie the Collie thinks if you stand still for too long you're ready to play ball!!). Growing Back To My Roots.

A Summers Day In Bakewell:

Fifthly, what I wore post. #FlashbackFriday. Hello friends, Happy Friday. I am continuing my new blog theme of happier days out when life was good and no one had heard of Coronavirus!! These photos were taken in July 2017 when my hair was brown and the flowers were out in full bloom. Beautiful memories.

We love to visit Bakewell in Summer for fun days, fish and chips, and beautiful photos!! A Summers Day In Bakewell.

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You Can't Have A Bad Day In Polka Dots:

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  1. These photos are so much fun, Claire! It is good to see you back to blogging! I know the struggle is real these days keeping up with the blog stuff. I am having the same problem.


    1. Thanks Shelbee :) It is hard work blogging when you routine is all over the place :(

  2. I thought I did something wrong with subscribing! Haha, love polks dots, they are so girly!


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