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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Top Five Ways To Host A Fun And Vibey Staycation

Top Five Ways To Host A Fun And Vibey Staycation Picnic. Hello friends, happy Thursday. 

With many people of the UK in limbo whether to holiday at home or take the leap of faith and fly abroad, those who stay put are looking for new ways to add a little fun to their post-lockdown staycation.

Top Five Ways To Host A Fun And Vibey Staycation Picnic

Top Five Ways To Host A Fun And Vibey Staycation Picnic.

Top Five Ways To Host A Fun And Vibey Staycation Picnic

Top Five Ways To Host A Fun And Vibey Staycation Picnic:

Whether it be gathering in the park or taking a couple of days out to host friends in the garden, all your stay-at-home holiday needs are the perfect picnic. 

Here are a few top tips on how to bring the pool party to your backyard. 

Transport Yourself Abroad With Nibbles:

Firstly, if lock-down taught us anything it was that cookbooks are not for decoration. After months of dining in and baking, why not show off your perfected banana bread and sourdough to friends. If you are feeling more adventurous, use your picnic as an opportunity to transport everyone abroad, pre-prepare tapas sharers, and nibble your way to Madrid, or pop into your local deli for a selection of Italian hams and cheeses and dine in Rome. If you close your eyes you could be anywhere.

Dress Up A Little:

Secondly, it is fair to say that 2020's biggest fashion trend has been turning our active-wear into I'm-watching-Netflix wear. Pajamas have crossed over from night to-day and we've been braless and make up free. But now we are on our holidays so why not treat your picnic like a mini-break and take the opportunity to spruce up. Treat yourself to a new summery dress or shirt, and pop on a touch of lippy.

Bring The Party To Your Back Yard:

Thirdly, whether you gather the girls for Marbs in Manchester or bring Ibiza to Liverpool it is fair to say it can be hard to recreate the charm of the poolside party or beach festival in your back garden. Get creative and use your imagination, why not host a cocktail bar with a pop-up barman or even hire a projector to install an outside cinema or 'live' music experience.

Make Sure There Are A Few Cheeky Tipples:

Fourthly, the main ingredient for the perfect picnic must be the booze. Tap into this year's summer trend and pop a pre-mix cocktail or spritzer in your picnic blanket. Why not try new low-calorie, vegan spritzer drinks Vin Crowd. This fruity sparkling tipple is a little lighter than wine and less alcoholic than gin – making it the perfect easy drinker for summer afternoons in the sunshine. For those with a fancy picnic, hampers bring along a selection of fruit and herbs and serve as cocktails.

Remember We Are In Britain:

Last but not least, with all the best-laid plans it is the UK and the sun can't always be shining. If it rains, take your picnic indoors. Use YouTube to conger up a camp side fire, tell stories with friends and escape home for a little while.

Top Five Ways To Host A Fun And Vibey Staycation Picnic: 

So what do you think of these tips?

Top Five Ways To Host A Fun And Vibey Staycation Picnic

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Top Five Ways To Host A Fun And Vibey Staycation Picnic: 

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Top Five Ways To Host A Fun And Vibey Staycation Picnic

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  1. How fun :) Thanks so much for linking up with me at the Unlimited Link Party 28. Pinned!

  2. What fun ideas! I like the idea of having a theme and dressing up. I am so ready to host again!

    BTW, I found my way here from Grammy's Grid. :-)

  3. Staycations are are the best! Such a great way to enjoy some quality time with family and/or friends. Thanks for the great tips and ideas - so fun!
    And thank you for joining us at our Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop this week!


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