Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes

Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes.

Happy Sunday. Welcome to my blog today as I share My Sunday Photo.

Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes.I love Irregular choice shoes, I have an obsession with them and love to collect them. Trouble is I do not often wear them often as they are usually too high to wear for long without my feet aching. I can not usually walk out too far in them, that’s for sure.

See the pair of shoes I got for Christmas for example! : Monster From The Muppets: Irregular Choice.

I have been thinking of buying some flat ones for a while now. Some that I can wear any time of the day. For as long as I want to, but I always go for a high heeled pair at the last minute.

I had my eyes on the flat Alice in Wonderland one but you do not often see them in the shoes and I like to try them on before I buy them to make sure they are comfy.

When we went to Meadowhall last Saturday, Miss Piggy was calling me!

Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes

I showed then my Husband and he said if they feel comfy and I will wear them often, instead of keeping them hidden in my wardrobe, he will buy them me. 

They fit like a glove and he brought them me. Yeah. How nice of him!?

What I am going to wear: Shoes Irregular Choice | Dress: George At Asda

I love the new Miss Piggy Irregular choice shoes that my Husband bought me. I can not wait to wear them! Just got to wait for the snow to go now so I do not ruin them.

I have already picked out my outfit that I am going to wear with them first.

Do you like Irregular choice shoes?

What do you think?

Do you love them too?

Do not forget to stop by again soon and see how I style them.

Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes:

Linking up my new shoes with My Sunday Photo.

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