Monday, 19 March 2018

Layering Up: Over 40 Style...

Happy Funday Monday. Hope your weekend was good?

Brr, I can not believe it is Spring tomorrow. It was snowing all weekend!

We still have snow today too and it is freezing around here. No sign of going anywhere yet.

I am still layering up and wearing my Winter woollies. I need to try and get into the garage today as I packed all my snow coats away on Friday. 

This is one of my favourite goto outfits at the minute. I love wearing these.

The jeans fit perfectly with room in for dinner. My blouse hangs nicely and the jumper is warm and cosy.

What's not to love!?

I also wore this outfit a few weeks ago on a trip to Meadowhall in Sheffield.

Love Meadowhall. Everything under one roof. We can never visit Meadowhall with having so yummy food here too.

A boot selfie! I need a nice wooden floor.

What I Wore: 

Jumper: Primark | Shirt: F&F Tesco | Jean: Tesco | Boot: c/o Matalan.

Are you still layering up or is Spring appearing where you live?

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What have you been wearing lately?

Have you been layering up?

Have you packed any Winter clothes away yet and need to pull them back out of storage?



  1. Wow, Meadowhall! That is a name from the past. I remember when it first opened. I haven't been there for years. Love the description of your jeans - room for dinner, ha ha!
    Visiting from #MMBC

  2. Red is definitely your color, you look fabulous. I love pants "with room for dinner". #MMBC

  3. It really does not feel like it's nearly spring. I've just put the heating on as it's so cold.
    You look fantastic. It's all about layering when it's like this x

    1. Thanks Kim. I am so looking forward to the clocks changing tonight :)

  4. Hi, love the layered look and the red jumper. Let’s hope spring comes soon and it’s goodbye jumpers #MMBC

  5. I've just found this blog, and didn't know you had three blogs - phew you must be busy. xx Jacqui

    1. Hehe, long story Jacqui :):) Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Thanks for joining my #linkup Claire - maybe we'll meet up one day and you can explain. x Lol x

  6. I love the red Hunter boots! And the red sweater on you as well. It's bold, but still cute and feminine. :-)

  7. I love the ripped jeans Claire, I have bought myself a couple of pairs just the other day.
    It really doesn't feel like Spring does it? If it wasn't for the bulbs coming up in the garden, you'd swear it was still Winter!

    1. Thanks for sharing with #MMBC x

    2. Thanks Jayne. I get a few stares when I wear them but love them :)

  8. I feel your pain, it's still a mixture of snowing and freezing rain around here. Sigh. Love how you layered a sweater over a cute top. It's just perfect for adding a little fun to the sweaters that have already been probably heavy in rotation.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) Hoping for warmer weather now.

  9. Nice and perfect looking outfit..

  10. Lovely outfit. Really suits you :) I haven't actually packed anything away or got anything out yet as it's been too blooming cold!


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