In The Stripes: Flashback Friday

In The Stripes: Flashback Friday

In The Stripes: Flashback Friday. Don't you just love bright colours? So fun and cheerful.

In The Stripes: Flashback Friday.

I just love looking through old photos to see what things I have worn before and if I still like them.

I am one of these people that once I have brought something I never chuck it away until it is worn out. Whether it fits me or not!!

I do occasionally clear out things I know I will never wear again for the Charity shop though.

Sometimes when you buy something off the sale rail that is totally not you but you can not resist it because it is a bargain.

In The Stripes: Flashback Friday

I have been growing my hair and have now got it to this length again. The trouble is I am at that stage where I keep thinking.

Should it stay or should it go now!?

I love it long but I love having the short pixie cut too. Maybe I will keep it longer until Winter and then decide.

In The Stripes: Flashback Friday

When I was sorting out my clothes I found this dress again and it always makes me smile. It is so bright and cheerful. You can really wear a wide variety of makeup colours and footwear with this dress. Love it. I think my dress was from Matalan but it is an old one and I do forget.

My shoes are from Strive Footwear and my sunglasses are from Primark. Love Sunny from Primark as you can get some really great styles for a few pounds. Do you keep clothes that are not damaged forever too or do you like to clear them out each season? Matalan is always great value for money. Don't you think?

In The Stripes: Flashback Friday.

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  1. Such a cute dress! Looks great on you! I like your hair grown out too but it looks nice short as well.

  2. Very pretty! And so nice for a hot summer! I am about to get a haircut in a couple weeks, once i can pull it back with a tie then it is time!

  3. That looks so nice and cool on a hot summer's day!

  4. That's a lovely summery dress! Your hair looks great at this length, but then it suits you short too. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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